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Protecting your CAPITAL with Capitol Solutions

Welcome to Capitol Risk Solutions. We are a boutique insurance company specializing in business insurance and consulting. While many insurance agencies want to stress their ability to get you the “best price”. We have a more professional approach.

At Capitol Risk Solutions, we will offer a very competitive premium. In fact, it might be the lowest premium available. However, what is important to our agency is that we offer a product that meets your needs. We offer a product where you can have confidence that losses will be paid.

We are not “peddlers” of insurance. Capitol Risk Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to risk management. We want to understand your business, not just offer a policy. Frankly, we see many “horror stories” on a regular basis of how risk has been addressed. We invite you to have us review your insurance program FREE OF COST. Our agency will then produce an alternative insurance program that meets your risk management needs. Quite often, we recommend the elimination of coverage which is either of no use or limited value based upon the premium paid.

Our mission is to provide the best insurance coverage at the most competitive price

Some of the Insurance that we offer

Umbrella Insurance

Liability Insurance

Package Policy Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Cyber Liability

Executive Risk

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