Capitol Area Private Schools (CAPS)

What makes Capitol Risk Solutions a leader in private school risk management? Our dedication to your industry and our specialized approach to helping private schools navigate through the perils of protecting our greatest asset….our kids.

Capitol Risk Solutions introduced our CAPS program in 2018. This program is a triad of:

1) Key underwriting relationships with leading school insurers
2) Private school consultants available to our clients
3) Security consultants available to our clients

The private school and security consultants are available free of charge to our risk management clients. We believe that every school should have the support of an experienced insurance/risk management agent, an experienced private school consultant and an experience security consultant. With our Capitol Area Private Schools (CAPS) program, your school has the key advisors to address all of your growth, leadership and security needs.

FAQ’s Examples:

1) Our school has been experiencing a drop off in admissions for the last 3 years. Can your school consultant help us with a plan to boost admissions?
Answer: YES! This is one of the areas where your consultant can advise.

2) Our school has been struggling with how to document a failing teacher. We want to avoid a lawsuit if we have to terminate. What can you do?
Answer: Your school consultant can offer best practices among other schools to assist in developing a plan to assess and document your teaching staff.

3) With the talk of school shootings in the news, we want to review our active shooter program. What do you offer?
Answer: Your security consultant is trained in active shooter protocols and will work with you to make any improvements to your plan.

4) We are a small school with limited office personnel. How do we handle a Workers’ Compensation claim?
Answer: We do this all the time. Capitol Risk Solutions will assist with any claim where you have a policy with us. Frankly, we will help even if you don’t place the policy with us!!!

With all the services provided by Capitol Risk Solutions, we sincerely believe that this should be your choice for private school insurance and risk management advice.
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